Effective Leadership Academy

What is it?

In the biggest companies all over the world for many years special attention has been paid to organisational culture and leadership skills. An effective leader creates a favourable work atmosphere and motivates the team to efficient work. The hope to achieve the set objectives, deliver the essential tools and remove the obstacles that lie in the way of the team is placed in the leader.

The Effective Leadership Academy is our own programme that addresses these needs. With our methods developed throughout the years and many years of work with such companies as Allegro, Siemens, Nasza-Klasa.pl, TechlandTen Square Games czy Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa, our Academy creates wonderful work atmosphere and brings the anticipated results. During the Academy we focus on a long-term change and not just a temporary improvement. We deliver the tools that the users can apply in their work after each workshop. We know how to ensure effectiveness of managers. We prepare customised and successful competence development programmes and build a great atmosphere in your company!

For whom?

Our programme is targeted to the management staff

Our programme is targeted to: Team leaders, project managers, entrepreneurs, technological companies (IT, R&D, BPO/SSC, engineering) and companies employing mostly persons from generation Y (or Millennials). It is the efficient leader that creates a favourable work atmosphere and motivates the team to effective actions. The hope to achieve the set objectives, deliver the essential tools and remove the obstacles that lie in the way of the team is placed in the leader.
With the Effective Leadership Academy you will learn how to meet the requirements set by the superiors and reports and how to reconcile work with personal life.

Benefits for the company

46% of companies admitted “leadership” was the skill hardest to find in employees. Luckily it is possible to develop your managerial skills!

Our Academy enhances leadership competencies in managers, extends the knowledge on team management and improves the skill of building friendly atmosphere at work. Team leaders learn how to use the staff’s potential and how to effectively monitor the group. We discover their strengths, define and overcome barriers and increase satisfaction from the taken actions and from work.
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the leaders
  • Increasing satisfaction from work of the leaders and their subordinates
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of teams in the company
  • Increasing motivation of employees
  • Proper delegation of tasks to subordinate staff
  • Ability to define and solve problems and conflicts in the team
  • Learning how to solicit feedback from subordinates and superiors


In order to create development programmes targeted especially to the management staff we incorporate the best from various methods. We use experimental learning, action learning, coaching approach (of various schools), design and strategic approach. Our programmes are based on David Kolb adult learning style model.

During training we use strategic games, simulations, case studies, feedback from the group and the moderator, work with a camera, group discussions, discussion about games and simulations, creative methods. If this is justified and the location allows, we move the games to the field and conduct them in the outdoor form. The taught rules and techniques are organised in a coherent, practical and efficient set of tools. We use knowledge of the selected authorities, including: Richard Branson, Ken Blanchard, Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, Steven R. Covey, Peter Drucker, Daniel Goleman, Reid Hoffman, Tony Hsieh, Patrick Lencioni, Peter M. Senge, Simon Sinek, Brian Tracy, Jack Welch, John Whitmore and own experience.
Experiential Learning
The participants excel the selected skills through practical exercises, simulations, indoor and outdoor tasks or social projects. The exercises represent situations and challenges analogical to those encountered in the workplace. We observe, discuss and draw conclusions which we can then transfer to specific optimisation of methods and tools functioning in the organisation.
This is a pleasant and effective method using different comparisons, from the natural environment, through sports disciplines, art to science. All of them allow to learn new theories using other concepts that are well known to the participants.
Coaching approach
We ask questions that allow us to work not only at the level of knowledge and habits, but also at the level of convictions and values. We encourage the participants to draw their own conclusions and adapt the proposed techniques to their own character and organisation. This increases the chance to achieve permanent change
Action learning
With support of feedback participants experiment and reinforce the acquired skills in their workplace.
Follow up
We help the participants reinforce the acquired skills by subsequent and repeated discussions and organising the programme in a coherent cycle. This allows to master the tools learnt a few weeks before.


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