Leadership Academy

Grow your business with competent leaders

Take care of your business’s greatest asset – people. You can multiply talent in your company without additional recruitment.

Based on your needs

We will prepare a development program that will realistically expand the competence of your management team and is not just a temporary inspiration.

Why is developing leaders so important?

Intuitively, we all know that leaders have a powerful impact on the efficiency and atmosphere of a company. The better the leaders, the faster the company grows. There is a difference in what benefits a good and engaged employee brings to your company compared to one who shows no initiative and no interest in furthering knowledge.

Most of us care to have a committed staff. And then the business grows very quickly or changes for other reasons. For leadership and managerial positions, we choose the most technically experienced employees. Or those who are most liked in the team.

Maybe even our newly elected leaders complain that they find it hard to manage people. Maybe giving feedback makes it difficult for them. They can’t delegate tasks and are overworked. We promise ourselves that we’ll send them to training to make it easier for them. We will definitely do it, just not this week. Maybe in a month, when we finish the big project. Or in two, after we launch this new process. Well, maybe in three, though, because first, we need to put out this fire…

We know how it is.

Sometimes a flurry of work makes it difficult to plan the development of your leaders. You don’t have to make them abandon all their responsibilities and send them to hours of training. We can help you plan a development program tailored to your company’s needs and capabilities.

What is the Leadership Academy?

Leadership Academy is our proprietary development program

  • Dedicated to executives at different levels of the structure:

• team leaders,

• project managers,

• managers,

  • directors and boards of directors.

It consists of 7-12 workshop modules

We conduct each module every 2-4 weeks. Between training, participants get implementation work and test the acquired knowledge in practice. We always select training topics individually after studying the needs of your team.

We provide training online or in person

We do not like “over-talked” training. Leaders learn in practice with the help of, among other things: strategic games, case studies, simulations, feedback from the group and presenter, group discussions, etc.

Leadership Academy topic modules

What topics do we cover during the Academy?

⭒ The role of the specialist vs. the role of the team leader

⭒ Building a leader’s authority

⭒ Leader’s self-awareness

⭒ Situational leadership – employee recognition and style selection

⭒ Identifying dysfunctions of teamwork

Ways to counteract dysfunctional teamwork

5 stages of team development

Building a team identity

⭒ Recognizing the development stage of employees

⭒ Supporting career development

⭒ When and how to use different styles?

⭒ Differences in motivating employees of different generations

⭒ Techniques to stimulate initiative

⭒ 7 levels of initiative

⭒ Employee engagement levels

⭒ Engagement vs. remote work. What’s changing?

⭒ The role of leaders in employee engagement

⭒ Setting goals and communicating them in a team

⭒ Use of 7 levels of initiative in delegation

⭒ Rules and techniques for delegating tasks in a team

⭒ Enforcing and measuring task execution

⭒ Role of feedback in employee development

⭒ How to apply feedback and when?

Expressing feedback – praise, reprimand, feedforward

Blockages and defense mechanisms

⭒ Building resilience to stress and control of emotions
⭒ Recognizing emotions and feelings
⭒ Empathy and emotion management
⭒ Managing your and your employee’s emotions

⭒ Communicating difficult decisions
⭒ Expressing feedback – praise, reprimand, feedforward
⭒ Managing your and your employee’s emotions
⭒ Interview scenarios for communicating difficult information

⭒ Stress and mental health

⭒ Manager’s behavior in difficult and hard times vs. employee morale

⭒ Where does a leader’s role begin and end?

 What is psychological first aid and who can provide it?

⭒ Identifying needs and expectations (NVC)

⭒ Minimizing conflicts

⭒ Recognizing communication styles

⭒ Using communication styles in team management

⭒ Preparing and delivering an effective presentation

⭒ Building confidence in presenting

⭒ Persuading and influencing

⭒ Presentations in front of people in high positions

⭒ Coaching tools in management

⭒ GROW/IGOW coaching conversation models

⭒ Principles of effective questioning

⭒ Principles and tools in mentoring

⭒ Planning a manager’s work

⭒ Setting goals and techniques for communicating them within the team

⭒ Principles and techniques of delegating tasks in a team

⭒ Measuring and evaluating task performance

⭒ The role of the leader in the process of initiating and implementing change

⭒ Different reactions of employees to the change (psychological reaction)

⭒ Techniques for dealing with employee resistance to change

⭒ Role of the leader in crisis management

⭒ Techniques for root cause analysis of problems

⭒ Ask effective questions to diagnose and inspire

⭒ Facilitate teams to make decisions and solve problems

⭒ Decision-blocking mechanisms

This is only part of the modules. Do you need another one? Let's talk!

We will prepare a program tailor-made for your company’s needs.

How does it work?


Needs assessment

We interview a few selected managers in your company and HR/L&D department. We examine what your business is facing and suggest the development of such leadership competencies that will help overcome the challenges. We set the goals of the program.



That is a meeting for the inauguration of the training program.

Together with representatives of your company, we conduct a short meeting with participants and their supervisors. The kick-off aims to build the right attitude towards learning and putting new competencies into practice. We explain the reason for the organization, the goals, and the course of the program.



We conduct a series of development activities at an interval of 2-3 weeks. The program includes training and implementation tasks, but depending on your needs, we conduct additional consultations, coaching, and additional projects.

If you choose a package with coordination support, we take over most of the tasks of communicating with participants and training logistics for you.



We summarize the project with the program sponsor. We hand out certificates to the participants. We analyze whether the goals were achieved. We gather conclusions. We provide recommendations for further development of the group/company.

What can your business gain from participating in the Leadership Academy?


▾ Your leaders have a problem managing team. They don’t feel confident in their leadership roles.

▾ There is a lack of trust in the team. Feedback (if there is any at all) gives everyone a headache.

▾ Managers use micromanagement. They have a problem with delegating tasks.

▾ There is a lack of commitment, motivation and a sense of appreciation. And this results in reduced team performance.

▾ Leaders/managers have low initiative.

▾ Your employees don’t know how to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. Each successive change causes stress.


▴ Your company has confident, strengths-conscious leaders. One that knows how to develop themselves and their teams.

▴ The team communicates openly and easily gives feedback to each other. Both positive and corrective.

▴ Managers know how to delegate. They don’t waste time controlling the performance of individual tasks. They know how to communicate expectations and give their subordinates freedom to act.

▴ You have a committed and motivated staff that acts by the company’s values. And achieves the goals set.
Leaders inspire problem-solving and improvements in teams.

▴ Your subordinates can adapt to the changes taking place. They can cope with the accompanying stress and difficult emotions.

It sounds good, but...

We are aware of how much time is consumed by fulfilling daily responsibilities. We also know how time-consuming it can be for leaders to resolve conflicts that could have been prevented. Or preparing for a difficult conversation. Not to mention micromanaging.

Busyness and lack of time are a daily reality for all our clients. That’s why we adjust the length and frequency of the program accordingly and set the schedule far enough in advance. One workshop at the Academy lasts from 4 to 8 hours. If your managers devote 4 hours once every 2-3 weeks, they can gain more time for tasks that accelerate the company’s development. Who wouldn’t prefer to use it for creative activities and making improvements, instead of solving the same problems over and over again?

No worries! We also run the Academy in an online format. We make sure that the remote workshops are as engaging as the stationary. Online training lasts a maximum of 4 hours. This is the optimal time during which your employees remain fully focused. They can devote the remaining few hours to the most important tasks at work. Well, and they don’t have to waste time commuting (and standing in traffic jams).

We always start with a needs assessment and goal setting. This allows us to design a program that engages participants. Preparation of the Academy participants’ supervisors is also an important element.

We are against so-called “training for training’s sake.” If we have a suspicion that our workshops will not solve the problem your business is facing, we will tell you directly. And we will not deliver the service. No benefit to your business would also be a loss to us. We don’t want negative feedback about the lack of effectiveness of our activities.

We only gain when you gain.

Why can you trust us?
And who is behind all this?

Interdisciplinary experience

✩ 17 years of experience in delivering of the development programs.

10 trainers with experience in global consulting companies and various industries including: IT, e-commerce, manufacturing, SSC /BPO /GBS, gaming (here’s a list of our clients)

✩ The trainings hosted participants from countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Spain, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates.

Responsible business

We have been awarded the title Ethical Company 2018 and 2020 by Puls Biznesu and PwC.

We have committed to donating 1% of the annual income to ecological initiatives.

We run our business with respect for ethics, law, people and the natural environment.

Effective development programs

Over 80% of new customers were companies to which we have been recommended by current customers and returning customers.

We deliver trainings from 1h to 4 days (virtually and F2F).

Wojciech Paździor

ceo active strategy

My name is Wojciech Paździor, I am the CEO and founder of Active Strategy. I am responsible for the substantive preparation of the Leader Academy.

I started my business experience in sales. I have been developing others since 2003, leading teams since 2008, and working remotely since 2012.

I specialize in improving managerial competencies and team development in rapidly growing companies. I work with both small and medium-sized Polish companies and multinational corporations, which has given me a broad understanding of clients’ problems.

Clients reach out to us when they want to make a change in organizational culture, management style, or atmosphere.

What if I don't like something during the Academy?

We do our best to make sure that the Leadership Academy helps your managers and brings the expected results.

Still hesitating?

This is fine. We are not urging you to buy a pig in a poke.

Make an appointment for a free 30-minute online consultation. We will answer all your questions.

What do you risk if you don't develop your leaders?

A good leader can motivate his team to achieve better results. And this translates into the development of the company. At the same time, a bad leader can be the reason why employees leave the company.

According to a 2015 Gallup Institute survey, half of all employees choose to leave their job because of their manager.

By investing in the development of your leaders, you can not only protect yourself from unwanted turnover but also attract new talent. The best candidates want to work in organizations that provide quality mentoring.

The Gallup study also shows that companies that hire talented managers achieve a 48 percent increase in profitability and a 22 percent increase in productivity. In addition, such companies saw a 30 percent increase in employee engagement. And a 19 percent decrease in turnover.

What do you get when you start the Leadership Academy?

Leadership Academy includes:

a development plan tailored to the needs of your business

conducting a needs assessment in the form of interviews with your managers, HR department and analysis of several additional documents

support and guidance for HR and supervisors of participants

conducting training

materials for participants (online)

certificates for participants upon completion of the program

In addition, you can use the option of handling the coordination of the training program. We will take over the entire process of communication with the participants from the start of the Academy until its completion.

Project coordination is for you if:

How much does it cost?

leadership academy

The price of the Leadership Academy depends on several factors

he language in which the training is conducted (Polish or English), the form of instruction (classroom or online), and the number of modules. We don’t yet know exactly what your business will need. What we do know, however, is what questions to ask to increase the chances of using the skills and carrying out a real change in the attitude and behavior of your leaders.

We prepare each program individually. Workshop topics are selected to help solve specific problems and achieve your business goals. You don’t spend your budget on another „cool training”.

If you want to know the cost of conducting an Academy at your company, schedule a free consultation.

During a 30-minute conversation (by phone or video), we will ask a few additional questions about your team’s needs. We will ask about the problems you are currently facing, your organizational culture, the amount of time you can devote to training and a few other details. After gathering the necessary information, you will receive a quote.

Do you have questions? Take a look at the FAQ

We run the academy in Polish and English.

Online trainings are just as engaging as onsite ones. In both, we use hands-on exercises and give participants space to interact. They work in groups – during remote training, they disperse to virtual rooms instead of separate rooms. We don’t serve your employees with long, tedious lectures and dry theory.

The only difference is the duration of the workshop. For remote training, we recommend that one module lasts a maximum of 4 hours. This is the optimal time for participants to remain fully focused in front of computer screens.

Our consultants have run the Academy for many industries, but a few are particularly close to our hearts. The program was created with the industries in mind:

– R&D / IT (including software houses)


– manufacturing.

You can find a full list of our clients HERE.

Do you have other questions?

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