We strongly believe that every human may do an awesome job and derive satisfaction from it.

Active Strategy

A consulting & training company that was established in 2012 in Wrocław. Our mission is to increase satisfaction from work. We do that by development of employees, managers and the whole organisations.

We support the organisations in planning development paths inside the company, development of managers and leaders and conducting inspiring training programmes. We provide advice to everyone that faces challenges at work or to those who wish to increase their competencies and skills, keep balance in life, be effective and fulfilled.

We are effective

We want every action to make sense. Beginning a project we set the expectations and targets to be achieved. We select effective solutions, analyse everything from a wide perspective and motivate others to do that. We constantly develop ourselves and work out the new, effective methods and tools.

Full of passion

We put our whole energy and knowledge in meetings we hold. We wish to teach you as many effective techniques and methods as possible. Our clients’ success is also our success, that’s why we always ensure to get positive results of our work.


We honestly discuss what we see. We do not give empty promises. During cooperation we always promote honesty and commitment of both parties. Our actions are fully transparent and our clients have access to them. We believe only sincere cooperation can provide the effective results.

7 consultants and trainers

We will select an optimum group of experts to your project.

The team is formed by experts with many years of experience in working with companies such as: 3M, Allegro, BCG, Bosch, Canon, Deloitte, EY, Eurobank, GE, HP, Oracle, Samsung, Sephora, Shell, Siemens, PwC, Unit4, Velux, Volkswagen, Volvo, Whirlpool.

We work in Polish, English and German. It is also possible in in Czech, Russian and Ukrainian.

Wojciech Pazdzior and Ewa Gomulka are trainers and coaches with over 15 years of experience who make sure our other consultants are properly qualified. They also conduct workshops, meetings, training and consultations.

Wojciech Pazdzior


trainer, consultant, career coach

He’s been helping persons and whole organisations in discovering their potential, defining goals, selecting the best solutions and taking key decisions since 2003. Specialised in professional development, conducts workshops, career coaching and consulting for managers and HR teams. Also specialised in career management, managerial skills, personal effectiveness and teamwork.


3M, Akamai, Allegro, Electrolux, EMC, EY, EuroBank, Fiat, GE, HP, Oracle, Samsung, Siemens, Techland, The Boston consulting Group, Volkswagen, Whirlpool.


career management, leadership, personal effectiveness, interpersonal communication

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His articles and speeches were published on the portals of Forbes, Wirtualna Polska, Qbusiness or HRNews. He was also a TEDxWSB speaker. Works with entrepreneurs and managers as a coach, trainer and consultant. Supports the organisation in designing processes of leader development, implements long-term talent development programmes. He uses coaching approach and learning through experience (both in the training rooms and outdoor). Through a dynamic development of his career and cooperation with Polish and international companies he got to know different industries, which allowed him to understand the client’s problems in a comprehensive way.

Accreditations and training

  • In 2011 he was granted a coaching accreditation (ACC) issued by the International Coach Federation,
  • he received many training courses for coaches, and was trained in methods of experiential learning and socio-therapy,
  • he also acted as a lecturer and trainer at the MBA and post-graduate studies, among other things, at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poznań, Cracow University of Economics, Warsaw Management University or WSB University in Wrocław,
  • he cooperates as a consultant at PwC.

Ewa Gomulka


social and emotional intelligence trainer and coach

She specialises in the development of interpersonal skills. She has supported organisations in creating an open communication, building trust and understanding in the teams for over 13 years. She works with active methods making use of experiential learning. She is an author of development programme based on “Non-Violent Communication” (NVC) for IT companies and Emotional Intelligence and conflict management training. She supports the teams working with agile methodologies


Allegro, Cadbury, Canon, Credit Suisse, Lukas Bank, Dialog, FantasyEXPO, Kennametal, Logintrans, Magnus, Net-Tur, RST, Siemens, Sii, Spinko, SRG, Techland, Ten Square Games i Whirlpool.


emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, team building, conflict solving read more
She conducted coaching for senior management in companies such as Canon and Whirlpool, managerial coaching and NVC/IE training: 3 years at RST, 2 years at Logintrans and 1.5 year at Techland. She run an annual leadership training (workshops and coaching) at Kennametal. She also trained a manager from the Forbes’ list of 100 richest Poles. As a partner at Active Strategy she is responsible for designing training programmes, development of methods and training materials. She is also responsible for the selection and development of trainers.

Accreditations and training

  • graduated from the coaching school,
  • graduated from PTP School of Coaching,
  • received training in the field of System Settings for Organisation,
  • graduated from the Systemic School for Families and School of Psychological Help in Gestalt approach,
  • works in International Coach Federation standards,
Privately a mother of a teenager who teaches her how to be humble and patient. Loves to travel, ski, bike in the fields and swim in warm waters. A passionate reader. Loves theatre, dance and music.


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