Why doesn’t your team want to talk about problems?

In any dynamic organization, encountering challenges and adversity is normal and inevitable. But if you notice that your team is […]

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How to develop initiative and proactivity in a team? Practical tips for leaders and managers

What would it be like to have a team that surprises you by being proactive and completes its tasks perfectly, […]

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Develop your leadership: 5 ways to increase your influence on your team

Are you a team leader, manager or business owner? You probably know that your ability to inspire and influence your […]

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10 gifts for Boss’s Day (LAST MINUTE)

In the flurry of responsibilities have you forgotten about Boss’s Day? Heads up, it’s not too late – take advantage […]

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We want to be a better company

We want to be a better company. And we don’t mean industry accolades, or the number of clients we’ve won, […]

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Clutch recognized Active Strategy as one of the top Corporate Coaching Companies 2022

Active Strategy is a committed corporate consulting partner to many businesses. Founded in 2012, we’ve been helping technology companies achieve […]

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Why does the management lose the employee’s trust and how to regain it?

One of the most important elements of returning to offices is to regain the trust of employees, especially in organizations […]

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100 questions you can ask to deepen team building

There is no right way to build a team. What works for one team doesn’t necessarily work for another. Experiment […]

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Active Strategy recognized as Ethical Company

Puls Biznesu and PwC Poland awarded us with the 2018 Ethical Company commendation. We thank the jury for the award, […]

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The joke about Employer Branding and HR

A HR Manager from a prestigious company was hit by a bus. At the Pearly Gates she was greeted by […]

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Clutch once again distinguishes our company

Our company has been distinguished once again from thousands of other companies from the IT and business sectors. We are […]

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What is the best leadership advice you ever received?

The road to success requires continuous learning. Sometimes we learn from our own experiences, and sometimes from others. We meet […]

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Books every manager should read

There are a lot of books about leadership and team management. To help you choose the best we collect them […]

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What can you learn from successful leaders? We asked a few of them

Our role is often to inspire and moderate the learning process. This time it was us who asked our clients […]

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Marco about life on Fuerteventura

About following passion, moving to a foreign country and slow life. Probably not everyone would stand this pace of work, […]

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