Career coaching

What is career coaching?

Coaching will change your approach to work and will be the beginning of conscious professional development. By providing relevant methods and tools we are able to work on the skills and increase your satisfaction from work.

„When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind.” – Seneca the Younger Career Management Coaching is:
  • finding your own way to satisfaction from work,
  • original cycle of 1-hour sessions that will help you take a decision on your career,
  • combining the elements of Life Coaching and Business Coaching,
  • individually adapted to the needs of every customer.

Our areas of work

  • getting to know yourself better,
  • stages of career management,
  • selecting the vision and direction of further career,
  • creating a professional development map (training, studies, literature).

What does Career Management Programme look like?

  • 6 coaching sessions – always!
  • 1-hour meetings with a coach every two weeks,
  • remote sessions (skype, phone),
  • own work between the meetings.

For whom?

A dynamic reality requires constant adaptation to changes and ongoing development of professional competencies. Systematic actions supported by career management strategy are essential.

That is why our coaching is targeted to: specialists and managers who want to decide what their next steps in career or business will be.
Career Coaching will let you define your development path and help set the targets along with conscious management of your professional development.

Benefits for you

With our original system you can achieve very good and specific results to be used right away!

Main advantages of Career Coaching include:
  • increasing your chances and competitiveness on the labour market;
  • discovering your talents, strengths and weaknesses;
  • considering a long-term professional development;
  • ability to quickly react to changes;
  • drawing satisfaction form work;
  • increasing self-confidence and self-awareness.


Our certified coach, Wojciech Paździor, has created an effective process and methods used during coaching. These allow our customers to accomplish very good training results. Our methods help in achieving professional success and defining your career management strategy. They also focus on finding the balance between professional and personal life.

We will offer you an insight into the methods we use during training and courses as part of career management process.
Reflection – analysis of your person
Ta metoda pozwala jasno zdefiniować 4 najważniejsze pola kariery. Dowiesz się: This method allows to clearly define four most important career fields. You will learn: who you want to be and what is really important for you in life, what your talents are and where you want to achieve expertise in (personality test with indication of your main talents), what you are passionate about, what your real dreams are; we will also analyse your key competencies.
Taking a decision – defining a vision of your ideal career
Taking a decision is a key element and coaching method. It is now that you can create an inspiring vision of your professional future which combines who you are with your talents, interests and competencies. This step is completed with a real vision of a place and method of your future job.
Creating a strategy (action map)
In this step we define targets, criteria and evaluate their feasibility. Then we identify possible threats and opportunities in the environment. The last step of creating a career development map is estimating the duration and sequence of performing specific tasks.
This is the only way to check whether defined career paths suit you and the current labour market. You verify and correct the selected paths. For those who wish to make a significant change we also recommend “Spring cleaning” – ordering your current professional situation. These are simple and quick ways of increasing satisfaction and achieving stabilisation. The above-mentioned steps create a cycle that repeats with each professional change. If you want to know more about changes and methods of their achievement watch the presentation on TEDxWSB.


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