10 gifts for Boss’s Day (LAST MINUTE)

In the flurry of responsibilities have you forgotten about Boss's Day? Heads up, it's not too late - take advantage of the 10 "last minute" gift ideas we've prepared with your boss in mind.

All you have to do is have a quick consultation with your team and together decide on one (or more) of the following suggestions, and no doubt your supervisor will feel appreciated that day.

   Why it's worth it

The role of a team leader/manager is not easy and often underestimated. We are quick to see when our boss does something wrong, but we rarely praise out loud for the good things.

If you have a toxic boss, you probably have little to praise. But if he/she is a pretty good or really great boss, be sure to take a moment to appreciate his/her efforts.

We also recommend thinking about former bosses, sometimes we appreciate them only after time.

   10 Boss's Day Gift Ideas

  1. Give thanks! - Write out team kudos (praise, appreciation) for what you appreciate your boss/teammate for, let it be something specific, not just "good job." Share how well you work with her/his team. Share how you feel about the team, what is important to you at work, what you are proud of, what has changed for the better in recent months or what the current job is better at than at previous companies. Of course, this must be sincere. On cards in a jar, on a whiteboard in the office, on a team messenger, or by sending a photo of yourself with praise on an A4 sheet of paper.
  2. Praise your boss/boss in public - this is a higher level of kudos, and requires a bit more courage. This can be an in-house forum, praise to your boss's boss, or the popular kudos/praise on LinkedIn.
  3. Order your boss his/her favorite food for the office - necessarily with dessert, something to drink, let it be something with humor or more unique than pizza. If you work in the office, be sure to eat together. Sharing a meal is a great opportunity to reminisce, laugh and build relationships. Don't talk about current projects and tasks.
  4. Buy a small gift that is sure to arrive on the same day - it could be a voucher for a massage, spa, movie ticket, opera, festival, wine tasting, balloon delivery/flowers/chocolates for delivery. The Internet offers many possibilities.
  5. Spend time together - if you have free space in your calendar on that day, meet up or connect on video. Take time to reminisce together, have fun or play online games together. Make it such a time for things other than shuffles, fires, action plans, etc.
  6. Save his/her time - if that day's meeting could be replaced by an email, save his/her (and your own, by the way) time that way. Do some task for him/her, send his/her task faster, facilitate report preparation, etc.
  7. Together, create a playlist of songs for your boss- e.g. motivational, for a bad day, for celebration or a long car ride, category any. It could be a list of his/her favorite performers, or maybe something completely for a laugh.
  8.  Contribute financially to a charity that is close to your boss's heart or let him/her choose one. They can be small amounts, it's all about the gesture, about remembering what is important to him/her.
  9. Adopt an animal at the ZOO in the name of your boss/friend - a great gift idea for those who love animals and helping. The possibility of "adoption" is offered by almost all ZOOs. All you have to do is visit the website of the chosen zoo and fill out an adoption form. Thanks to it, the selected animal will receive additional dietary supplements and toys, and their enclosures will be improved. A plaque will appear next to the animal, indicating by whom the pet is adopted.
  10. Give him/her access to an online course in an area that interests him/her (personally or professionally). You can find examples of such courses on Linkedin Learning, among others.


Some of the ideas above can be combined :)
We hope you will find our suggestions useful and your boss will enjoy them. Remember that gifts don't have to be expensive - the best are the personal ones received from the whole team.

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