Why does the management lose the employee’s trust and how to regain it?

One of the most important elements of returning to offices is to regain the trust of employees, especially in organizations where the crisis situation has forced managers to make massive layoffs, reduce working hours, cancel benefits or diminish salaries.

Many people lost their jobs at the worst possible moment, when, in addition to the stress caused by the difficult financial situation, they feared for their own health and psyche.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and organisations are expected to support, make responsible decisions, communicate honestly and openly and deliver on their promises or commitments.

Employees need stability and conviction that their superiors are prudent and deliberate in their actions towards the whole organisation. Such working conditions improve effectiveness, strengthen commitment and responsibility for their tasks and develop creativity among employees. A drop in trust in the employer also translates into the trust of customers and all business partners, and consequently - into a decline in the company's position on the market.

Management, smaller company owners, managers and leaders are challenged to ensure safety and increase mutual trust many months in advance.

The first step towards restoring trust should begin by examining the needs of employees, customers and all bodies working with the company, e.g. suppliers or shareholders.

Examples of leader's questions to employees

  • Do they feel safe?
  • In which areas do they feel insecure and unsafe?
  • What do they need from the company and the leader?

What should they take care of?

  • Employee safety when working in the office
  • To comply with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate's anti-epidemic guidelines
  • Hygiene and cleaning products
  • Educating employees on precautions to take
  • Reporting on the steps taken by the undertaking to ensure the safety and Health protection of workers
  • Encouraging and motivating employees to return to the office

Take care of the emotional and mental safety of your team

  • Inform your employees how they will be able to do their job
  • Inform them about the stability of their positions
  • Dissipate any concerns or doubts to avoid conjecture and dissemination of anecdotal information
  • Focus on building an honest and open attitude
  • Inform employees about the situation of the company in a clear and unambiguous way
  • Allow free speech and create space to ask difficult questions
  • Acknowledge your limitations on topics that you cannot inform them about and boldly communicate your lack of knowledge
  • Inform yourself about the financial situation of the company and plans for the future

Your employees' needs are a priority and they should feel safe doing their job. This concern for the well-being of individuals and attention during communication is the only and fastest way to regain their trust and commitment.

Caring for your employees will also increase their loyalty and attachment to the company, and this will certainly translate into the performance and condition of the company.

Positive and transparent employer's intentions and acting in accordance with the company's values will be the basis for strengthening trust in relations between employees and employers.

A company that cares about the needs of its employees and pays attention to their changing moods and well-being will become a dream job when the uncertain economic situation increases the need for stability and security of employees.

Those planning to change jobs will focus their attention on companies that value individual values and respect their employees, and employees focused on building trust in companies will be proud to engage in projects and be loyal to their responsibilities.

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