The joke about Employer Branding and HR

A HR Manager from a prestigious company was hit by a bus. At the Pearly Gates she was greeted by St. Peter: "Before you settle in here, I have to tell you that we have a small problem ... no HR Manager has come this far and we do not know what to do with you."

"Can not you just let me in?"

"I would like to," said St. Peter, "But I got the instructions that you'll be the only person we'll give the right choose. You'll spend a day in hell and a day in heaven and you are to choose where you want to spend eternity.

"In point of fact, I would prefer heaven," protested the woman.

"Unfortunately, I have my instructions," answered St. Peter, leading the woman to the elevator to hell.

When HR Manager came out, she saw a beautifully green golf course. An amazing hotel with a pool on the horizon. Not a moment passed and she was surrounded by other people (mainly managers), she even knew a few. All nicely dressed, happy, greeting her. They played together a perfect golf game, which they ended with eating a delicious lobster.

She also met the Devil who seemed to be a nice guy. She spend the rest of the evening dancing and telling funny stories. Before she noticed, the trial had come to an end and everyone gave her a goodbye.

St. Peter was already waiting for her - "Now it's time for heaven"

She spent the next 24 hours jumping from cloud to cloud, playing the harp, singing - it was almost as pleasant here as in hell. At the end of the day St. Peter came with the question "So, you've spent one day in hell and one day in heaven. Now you have to choose between the two."

The woman thought for a moment and replied - "It was lovely in heaven, but actually it was better in hell. I choose hell."

According to her wish St. Peter led her to the door of hell. When they opened, she found herself in a place that resembled a smelly garbage dump, covered in ruin and dirt. She saw her friends walking thoughtlessly, dressed in rags, busy collecting rubbish. The Devil came up to her and put his arm around her.

"I do not understand," exclaimed HR Manager - "There was a golf course yesterday, we ate lobster and everyone was so happy! It's awful now and all my friends look terrible!"

The Devil looked at her, smiled: "We were recruiting you yesterday, today you are already a staff member."

(found on the Internet)


A joke or the reality of building an organizational culture and showing it in campaigns, company videos, open days, etc.?

What for all this taking care of modern offices, fruits, sandwiches and other artefacts? What for if there are pretended relations, bosses with make-up and conflicts swept under the rug.

Instead of changing the causes of negative employees opinions, many companies invest in creating an employer branding. Long-term results are achieved by listening to employees, respecting them or educating efficient and authentic leaders. A positive brand of the employer helps to attract employees but only if it is transparent with how is inside.

After all, an employee is a new customer!

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